A world of new VR opportunities

Whatever kind of VR content you’re developing, and whatever platform it’s on, WEARVR is here to help you put it in front of as many users as possible.

You can host Vive and Oculus content on WEARVR and get a larger revenue share than Steam and Oculus Home.

We also work with a variety of HMD manufacturers to help bring your VR content to a much larger global market.

  • Pile of coinsEarn a revenue share above industry standards (up to 75%), across many devices and markets.
  • CompassBe a part of the world’s largest multi-platform and independent VR app store.
  • Building blocksStay up-to-date with the latest VR developments, platforms, SDKs and tools.
  • GlobeReach millions of new users around the world, including China, Japan, Europe and the USA.
  • PeopleJoin a thriving community of VR developers and users to engage with directly.
  • Loud SpeakerReceive personalized marketing and promotional support directly from the WEARVR team.

Our Distribution Partners

We’ve partnered with the following HMD companies to help you distribute your VR content far and wide through embedded and in-headset app stores.

  • Pico headset
    Distribute and sell VR content for Pico directly from your WEARVR developer account. Your VR content will be published on the in-headset Pico app store.
  • Pimax logo
    Create and distribute your very own Pimax applications all through WEARVR. Build from scratch or port your existing VR content and publish through the WEARVR app store.
  • DPVR logo
    Publish your content through your WEARVR developer account for this new Chinese all-in-one headset, and sell it through the in-headset app store.
  • Nibiru logo
    Use your WEARVR developer account to release VR content to the in-headset app store featured in every one of the growing number of Nibiru VR devices.

WEARVR Compatible HMDs

You can also promote, host and sell VR apps for all of the following devices (in addition to our partnered headsets), directly from your WEARVR developers account.

  • Oculus Go
    Oculus Go
  • HTC Vive
    HTC Vive
  • Oculus Quest
    Oculus Quest
  • Oculus Rift
    Oculus Rift
  • PlayStation VR
    PlayStation VR
  • iOS
  • Android
  • OSVR
  • Samsung Gear VR
    Samsung Gear VR
  • Daydream View
    Daydream View
  • Windows Phone
    Windows Phone
  • WebVR
  • 360° Videos
    360° Videos