Remastered Competition
We're bringing it back to the old school with these remastered VR demos, updated for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. We'll be announcing the winners shortly but in the meantime, check them out for yourself!
World Book Day Collection
World Book Day arrives early in the UK this year. It's traditionally held on the first Thursday in March, which happens to be March 1st! Although there's definitely no substitute for breaking out a book, it's important to remember that the important factor is the story, regardless of its delivery method. So if you want to look up from the page for a few minutes, here's how VR can help enhance your World Book Day!
Catherine Allen's Top 10 VR Games & Apps
Catherine led the creation of two of the BBC's first VR experiences and now curates VR for the UK's leading arts venues with her company, Limina Immersive ( She is part of the BAFTA VR advisory team, produced the BBC’s first VR documentary, and in her spare time she writes for Wired magazine.
VR Valentine
Feel the love in our collection of VR games, apps and experiences that will help bring you closer in virtual reality, and spread the love through the digital age!
Become a VR Marksman
Shooting things, people, zombies, aliens and soldiers is fine, but sometimes you just aren't feeling that killer blood lust. That's the time to take to the virtual gun range and improve your marksman skills.
All the Fun of the VR Fair
You don't have to wait for the fair to come trundling into town any more. If you have VR, all the fun of the fair, the circus and the carnival (are those all the same thing?) is yours to enjoy without ever having to stand in line.
Be the Hero
Is it the powers that make the hero, or the hero that has the power? Established wisdom tells us that with great superhero power, comes great responsibility. But who wants more responsibility? One of the best things about our VR superhero games collection is you get all the fun of flying, zapping, kapowing, clobberin', smashing and fighting, without any of the responsibility!
Mathematical Fractal Fun
It might seem a bit odd at first glance, but fractals and VR have been closely connected since the rebirth of virtual reality tech. So what's the connection? Well, a fractal is a mathematical simulation of a naturally occurring object, and when you think about it, isn't that what much of virtual reality is trying to achieve? A digital abstract of real life. So it actually makes a lot of sense that WEARVR has a healthy supply of fractal-based VR experiences for you to download right now!
Come the VR Apocalypse!
It's a strange fantasy, looking forward to the apocalypse, but judging by our VR gaming habits it's something a lot of us are pretty excited about! Whether it's zombies, aliens, nuclear war, weird viruses or the rise of the machines, the end of the world is looking like it's going to be tremendous fun.
First Time in VR
Virtual reality gear was the big winner at Christmas, so all those new converts will need some great games and apps to demonstrate how amazing VR is to friends, family and visitors who are experiencing it for the first time. Here are six of the best!
VR Christmas Collection
If you've been nice all year, hopefully you found a VR headset under your tree this year. And if you did, you're going to need to load up your sleigh with these VR goodies for the Vive, Rift, Daydream, Gear VR and more! Merry VRXmas!
VR Aliens
Whether aliens are real or not, we want to believe, and with these 13 extraterrestrial VR games you will too. Cut through parasites and unearthly slime to get to the bottom of this ancient mystery. What else is the government hiding?
VR Sports
Sports are hard. They require you to; train regularly, keep yourself healthy and actually not be terrible at the sport. Who has time to be good at something? Why not just jump into these 19 athletic VR games to make you feel like you are living a healthy lifestyle. I wouldn't recommended trying a leg breaker in the contact sports, the only one who will be leaving with a broken leg is you.
VR Fantasy
We've all wanted to be a wizard at some point. While Hogwarts seems unlikely at the moment, these 13 Magical VR Games may just quench your thirst, for the wizarding world. Cast spells, battle everything from Orcs to dragons and unleash your inner Neville Longbottom.
VR Tennis
Ping pong tables are probably one of the best party accessories, for a table tennis tournament or drinking games. But who has enough space / friends for a party? If tennis is what you need more of in your life, then these 14 ace VR games are right in the service box. Grab your sweatband and get ready to swing... for a relative, by accident, a couple of times... before they realise they are probably best standing a few feet away from you.
VR Ninjas
Having trouble convincing your parents or other half to let you buy a samurai sword? Not to worry, these 13 honourable VR games have your back. Infiltrate enemy plans, assassinate your enemies and slice enemy fruits... All this without accidentally impaling yourself on a throwing star.
VR Climbing
Climbing requires upper body strength, resilience and the right equipment. Luckily most of the time with VR, you don't need any of the skills the real life activity would require, and these 11 chalky VR games are no different. Get a grip and swing from rock to rock to reach the top. Just don't look down...
VR Music
Not everyone is a Jimmy Page on the guitar, or Lars Ulrich on the drums. Save yourself the embarrassment of going to a music store with these 11 Metal VR games and experiences. Slap like Flea, shred like Dimebag... or touch buttons like Calvin Harris.
VR Art
Did you know that people still draw on paper? Crazy right? Stop living in the past and try these 13 artsy VR games and experiences that allow your personal space to be drawn on! Visit far away museums and galleries from the comfort of your own home or wherever you find a VR headset on your head.
VR Pirates
Ever wanted to captain a crew of convicts and set sail for the seven seas to murder seaside colonies and steal all of their wealth. Well we have the perfect collection for ye'. Treat yourself to these 9 scurvy VR games that are sure to shiver your timbers. Throw away your old landlubberly self and come back a man of the sea.
VR Jobs
Ever feel like you are under-worked and over-paid? Well throw on your best suit or apron and fill that void with these 15 VR games. Work the hours YOU want and don't get paid anything! Warning... Don't quit your real job for your Virtual job, it doesn't end well.
VR Puzzles
Ever wanted to be trapped in a room against your will, or be given the task of disarming a bomb? Its not the top of our bucket list either. However, these 14 mind-bending VR puzzle games gives you the magnifying glass to solve, find and find out whatever you need to uncover the truth... or to open a door.
VR Dinosaurs
Ever feel like you was born in the wrong generation? Well how about the Mesozoic era? Travel back to a time where giant lizards walked the earth with these 8 scaly VR games that will make you realise the 21st century isn't so bad after all.
Top 11 Daydream Apps and Games
The Google daydream has been on the market for just over a year now! Here are 11 great games and apps available for the daydream to date.
VR Beach
The beach... a place to get away from it all, make memories and wind down. However, when the sun is out, people flock to the coast; like seagulls to your ice cream. More fool them, because you have access to your very own private beach with these 8 sandy VR games and experiences. All you need to do now is turn up the heating and enjoy a sunburn free day out at the beach.
Underwater VR
Did you know that the earths surface is around 70% water? Yet here we are, basking in the city life and drying up in the sun. Retreat to the sea with these ten aquatic VR games and experiences to bring you back down to the seabed to float around for a while. What more are you looking for?
VR Spaceships
Ever fancied yourself as a captain of a spaceship and exploring the unknown in deep dark space, but the NASA job application form is too demanding and time consuming? Why not try these ten 'out of this world games', picked from the cosmos of the WEARVR database.
VR Robots
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a cold, unfeeling machine, made with the sole purpose to serve mankind? We may be some way off cyborgs and AI filled with vengeance against the human race, but in the mean time, try these ten mechanical VR games that puts you in the cockpit.
Remember, Remember!
The 5th November is almost upon us, which for the Brits out there with a mind for political history means bonfire night! Don't like standing in the cold and rain "ooo-ing" and "ahh-ing" at the fireworks overhead? Then do it in VR.
There's no better way to feel that chill running down your spine than by playing all your favorite horror games in virtual reality. This collection of Halloween-themed games will get the floorboards creaking and the shadows moaning for the ultimate VR scare-fest!
Big Screen VR
A trip to the flicks can be costly, and half the time you're sat behind someone wearing a stovepipe hat who's at the cinema for a chat with their deaf friends and take popcorn rattling to experimental levels of audio turbulence. So take the pain out of the cinema, but watching the big screen in VR.
Oculus Go Wish List
Now that Oculus has revealed its brand new all-in-one headset, which VR games and apps would you most like to use on it? Here's our wish list for the Oculus Go that we'll be downloading on day one. Find out more about the Oculus Go here:
VR Awards - Experience of the Year
WEARVR sponsored VR Bound's Experience of the Year award, with a stunning shortlist of virtual reality apps selected across all major platforms. Check out the nominees here, and let us know which one is your favorite.
Celebrating Sputnik in VR
It's 60 years to the day since Russia launched the first ever artificial satellite into orbit. In celebration of Sputnik 1 beginning the global space race of the 20th Century, here's WEARVR's virtual reality tribute to Satellite 1.
VR Cyberpunk
Even though steampunk is set in the past, the cyberpunk scene actually came along first. Built around the concept of a dystopian sci-fi future, video games have taken inspiration from cyberpunk for decades, and VR is no different.
VR Steampunk
What is steampunk? Other than being a great theme for virtual reality, you can consider it as being sci-fi as the Victorians may have perceived the genre. Take a look at these excellent VR games and apps that embody the steampunk culture.
VR in Healthcare
Virtual reality is going in leaps and bounds for enterprise and industry, with medical and healthcare applications leading the way.
Top 5 VR Escape Room Games
Escape rooms work beautifully in VR, adding elements that would be impossible in real life while maintaining that essential sense of urgency and anxiety! Check out our top 5 VR escape rooms on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR and more. See them in action right here in our play along video:
The Ultimate VR Kaiju Collection
Find out what it's like to trample cities underfoot in our ultimate collection of giant VR monsters and robots.
PlayStation VR Exclusives
Now that PlayStation VR is available through WEARVR, we thought you'd like to take a look at the exclusive titles only available for Sony's virtual reality platform.
VR Board Games and Tabletop
Save yourself the trouble of setting up the table, pieces, cards and rule books, and play your tabletop and board games in VR, instead.
Well-being & Mindfullness
Apps and games designed to help you relax and meditate.
Jesse Schell's Top VR Games and Apps
Description: Video game designer, author, CEO of Schell Games and a Distinguished Professor of the Practice of Entertainment Technology, Jesse Schell shares his top VR games and apps!
Top 5 FPS for Summer 2017
Check out a few of our favorite VR first-person shooters on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. For this collection we recorded gamplay footage you can watch here:
5 Days of Free VR!
Ramp up your collection of VR games and apps as WEARVR brings you five days of FREE content across all the major virtual reality platforms! Register now at WEARVR and come back every day this week for five new FREE VR games and apps.
Rick King's Top VR Games and Apps
If there's one VR-focused Twitter feed you're following (besides @WEARVR, natch) it's probably Rick King. Rick's a multitalented VR evangelist, as well as being a tech consultant, graphic designer, musician, coder, and VR developer. Check out his top 10 WEARVR games and apps, and then keep up to track with the entire industry by following Rick right now, over on Twitter:
Amandine Flachs' Top VR Games and Apps
Amandine joined the VR craze on day one (before even the Oculus came along) and has been entrenched in the VR world ever since, speaking at conferences and helping startups and entrepreneurs to get their boots firmly under the virtual reality table. Today she offers us her list of can't-miss VR games and apps from the WEARVR library, and you can reach out to Amandine through her website ( and on Twitter at @AmandineFlachs.
Cas & Chary's Top 10 WEARVR Games and Apps
Up and coming YouTube VR stars Cas and Chary have shared their top 10 virtual reality experiences with WEARVR, many of which you can see them reviewing over on the official Cas & Chary YouTube channel!
Sanem Avcil's Top 10 VR Games and Apps
Selected as one of the top 10 VR and AR influencers (rubbing virtual shoulders with luminaries including Palmer Luckey and John Carmack on that same list) developer and entrepreneur Sanem evangelizes and promotes the world of VR like no other. She stepped out of virtual reality for a few minutes to give us her top 10 VR games and apps on WEARVR right now. Go visit Sanem and say hello over at
Towel Day Collection
Towel Day celebrates the superbly surreal sci-fi works from the irreverent pen of Douglas Adams, and it's a tradition that thrives in the VR world. So, if you know where your towel is, try out these great games and apps on Towel Day!
Kent Bye's Top 10 VR Games and Apps
Kent Bye, of the celebrated virtual reality podcast VoicesOfVR, has given us his top 10 WEARVR games and apps so you can get a shortcut to the best that VR currently has to offer. Check out Ken's invaluable VR insights over at right now.
Wild West
Saddle up, pardners! VR might be futuristic tech, but that doesn't mean it can't transport you back in time to the gold rush frontier of the wild, wild west! Strap yer shootin' irons to yer hips, and meet us in the main street at noon as we bring together WEARVR's top Westerns. Less'un yer yella?
VR Apps for Star Wars Day, 2017
May the 4th be with you, Star Wars fans! In honor of Star Wars day, 2017, we've gathered up our collection of Star Wars virtual reality apps, and you'll be glad to hear there isn't a Gungan in sight!
Rogue One Collection
The epic Star Wars story Rogue One is out now, so we decided to pull together a collection of space-based VR experiences to celebrate the liberation of the Death Star plans. Live long, and may the Force prosper with you. Always.
Top 10 Free VR Games and Apps for the Holiday Weekend
Take a trip this Easter bank holiday that the weather and traffic can't spoil by visiting a different reality. Here's a selection of 10 free VR games and apps for your long weekend.
It's Christmas
Christmas is the perfect time for enjoying VR with family and friends.
What is it good for? VR, apparently.
Top 10 - April 8th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Oculus Rift CV1 Ready
Here's a few games and experiences that are compatible with the new Oculus Rift CV1.
Top 10 - April 1st
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Top 10 - March 11th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Top 10 - February 26th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Top 10 - February 12th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Top 10 - February 5th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Big Names in VR
Everyone's getting involved with VR. From Nike to... Boursin cheese.
Top 10 - January 29th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
VR Music Videos
Get up close and personal with your favourite musicians.
Top 10 - January 22nd
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Top 10 - January 15th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Fractal Fun
The best Fractal VR experiences out there.
Top 10 - January 8th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Top 10 - December 11th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
The Walking Dead
There's something satisfying about slaying Zombies in VR.
Amazing Arcade Games
Revisit your childhood, with these arcade-style games.
Most Popular on WEARVR - 2015
Here's our most popular apps downloaded on WEARVR in 2015.
Learn With VR
The greatest collection of VR Educational Experiences.
Top 10 - December 11th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
No Place Like Home
Here's an assortment of impressive Arch-Viz experiences.
Top 10 - December 4th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Into The Wild
Forget about 'Black Friday' and head for the outdoors.
Top 10 - November 27th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Great For Kids!
Here are some of the best Kid-friendly games and experiences.
Top 10 - November 20th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Top 10 - November 13th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Going Deeper Underground
A collection of great experiences that take you beneath the surface
Top 10 - November 6th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
The Best of Cardboard
Experience Virtual Reality wherever you go, with these immersive mobile apps.
Top 10 - October 30th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Happy Halloween. Scare your friends with these spooky experiences.
Top 10 - October 23rd
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Are You Experienced?
These psychedelic experiences will take you to another dimension.
Definitive DK2
A beginner's guide to the Oculus DK2, here are some of our favourites.
Top 10 - October 16th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Top 10 - October 9th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Into The Deep
Delve into the deep seas with these nautical experiences.
Top 10 - October 2nd
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
Top 10 - September 25th
Here's the top 10 most popular games and experiences on WEARVR this week.
See The World
Without stepping foot outside your front door.
Time To Relax
Take a moment to de-stress with these calming experiences.
Come Fly With Me
Let's fly, let's fly away. The best flying experiences on WEARVR.
Prepare For The Real Thing
From public speaking to... the plague.
Scare Yourself Senseless
Prepare to be frightened, these are not for the faint-hearted.
See History Anew
Journey back in time with these beautiful games and experiences.